Thursday, July 30, 2009

Thrash Attack #6 (2008)

60 pages, A5, xerox, English

Abigail, Cut Throat, Barbatos, Tiger Junkies, Chornyj Woron, Morbid Saint, Witchaven, Rigor Mortis

Gig Review
Overkill/Motorhead (Munich), Rites Of Violence, Metal Mania Party, Italian Thrash Assault, Thrash Assault 2, Thrash Attack Part V, Possessed By Thrash 2, Keep It True X, The Metal Attack, Gama Bomb (Baureth), Revenge Of True Metal PArt II, Municipal Waste (Munich), Sabbat (Lahnstein)

It seems like interview with cult bands, are longer compare with the rest. So the 'special' interview for this issue is Rigor Mortis. And of course if you are interviewing Yasuyuki, you will ask about all the projects he's in. So Flo cover his main project Abigail/Cut Throat / Barbatos / Tiger Junkies in single session separated with the band's logo, etc when the question shifted from one band to another. It's also good for Flo releasing 2 issue in a year, instead of having all release in 1 issue. Because I think A5 size (A4 paper folded into two kind of format) zine not suitable to have thicker or have like 100 pages. I dont know how to say this. Just take 50 A4 paper, fold it into 2. It will have some "leftover" paper. I dont like that. Its look messy. Issue #6(66) still maintain 60 page. The new issue is thicker though. Check out the review for #7.

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