Monday, July 27, 2009

Blessing Moment #6 (2007)

40 pages, A4, xerox, English

Symbiosis, Nortt, Graven, Expulser, Darkregime, Endstille, Otesanek, Audet, Neochrome, Summoning, Stalaggh, Acheron, Keep Of Kalessin, Balberith, Barbalans, Deimos, Akitsa, Pagan Hellfire, Kafan, Feneral Dusk, Obscurus Advocam

Sick, Blasphemous, Tasteless: The Cover Art of 2006

This issue offered "obscure, unknown yet never been explored bands", said by its editor Xxxul. You have to agree with that statement unless you are diehard supporter of underground raw black metal because some bands I only knew them from this zine only. An OK xerox quality but when comes to article section, written by Todd De Palma, some of the cover artwork is not clear enough to see the details. Good computerized layout but no page number and table of content. This is zine long sold-out. Made in 100 copies only and hand-numbered (mine numbered 8). You can contact the editor and can also ask about his BM band, NEFTARAKA which have produced some interesting releases.


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