Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Massakrak #2 (2008)

A5, 48 pages, xerox, English

Unholy Archangel, Vow Dreams, Atavism, Wounds, Ironworx Gravefix/Disastrous Weirdwerk/Foetal Carnage, Animae, Capronii, Virus Zine, Inside.

Gig report
First grindcore show in Algeria

In previous issue, they use different name (MASSAKRE) but now changed to MASSAKRAK, which according to its editor, sounds more metal. And starts from #2, it will be in English. Common thing about English zine from here (I'm included too), our English is not that good but using the term "bastard level" for his English in this zine is too degrading I would say hehe. Kamikaze English rules! I've seen the worse! But here is still understandable. I think doing a cut n paste zine in this small A5 format is difficult but Hisham made it look like easy to do. Its not messy, the xerox quality is excellent and I would say one of best A5 cut n paste zine here. The news page contain flyers (or typed news) and I'm really pleasant at looking at these flyers even though there are old (THRASH ATTACK #3 but at that time #6 have been released) because I rarely get flyers these days (I thought it have extinct). The questions are creatively are done. He want to ask about the band's bio but he made it look like they are chatting 'live' although it was made the traditional way (you know what I mean with "traditional way", right?). I couldn't find his email address. The only you to contact him is using the snail mail way. Unfortunately he is away from the address he used and only back few times a year but all mail will be answered.

c/o Hisham Jaimie
Tambunan Dental Clinic,
P.O. Box 260,
89657 Tambunan,

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