Thursday, July 30, 2009

Thrash Attack #5 (2008)

60 pages, A5, xerox, English

Baphomet's Blood, Banished Force, Maot, Hellish Crossfire, Bulldozer, Enforcer, Witches Hammer

Gig Review
Wacken Open Air, Metal On Metal, Metal Meridian Festival 9/9/07, Metal Forces Night, Return Of Darkness And Evil 2, Cordobar/Germering 11/9/07

The front cover artwork is funny though. The devil is reading issue #4 but looks like he doesn't enjoy it. If issue #2, I understand why he is sad (because of "panda black metal" haha). The zine is thicker this time still with the usual ingredient, THRASH METAL! If you like the previous issue, you must like this a lot. The reviews have more front cover art compared with the previous issues. Steve of Witch Hammer ended the interview in an unusual way. When asked "anything to add..", he then talk about various subject; global warming, Bin Laden, nutrition, etc. Explaining it like it is one of the X-Files case which Fox Mulder should investigate.

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