Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Thrash Attack #3 (2007)

52 pages, A5, xerox

Evil Army, Strike Master, Witchburner, Executioner, Deathhammer, Bloodquest, Antacid

Gig Review
Motörhead in Munich, Fuck X-mas

The format is the same like other issue. The improvement for this issue is the font size, its better look like this. Starting from this issue, there's a news section but a very small one like half of page only. I forgot to mention this in issue #2, the zine small in size but have page number and table of content. One of the interesting part is the mailorder guide. 2 pages of info on good mailorder distro. Some featured here are Nuclear War Now!, Hell's Headbanger Records and Witchhammer. I'm not sure whether this going to a regular feature or not. It is not in issue #4.

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