Monday, July 27, 2009

Hellthrashing #1 (2006)

8 pages, A4, pro-print

Pagan Rites, Messiah, Betrayed

I never read a pro-printed underground newsletter before except for Necrovassago newsletter in 1996. Kult looking cut n paste layout but no news? I thought newsletter should have news hehe. Well, there is a few in form of flyers. Just 3 interviews but really entertaining especially with Devil Lee Rot of Pagan Rites and Messiah. Only 2 pages on reviews and all (audio stuff and zine) are mixed together. The first thing I do before reading this newsletter is counting how many cunt they put on the cover page. Is it 25? Damned! I couldn't get the same amount in every count. They also have a contest called "Cuntest" where they put on some lyrics and you guess what song is that lyrics is from and you must send a picture of you holding that release. Wow. That's original! Since it's a "newsletter", I can't complain on the small amount of content in this issue. This newsletter is handle by Carlos (Kuravilu Prod) & Slaughter (Morbid Tale Zine) and they did a good job for this issue. My copy are hand-numbered 208.

c/o Carlos Kuravilu,
P.O. Box 548,
Valdivia, Chile.


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