Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Arus Bawah #5 (2008)

40 page, A5, pro-print, Indonesia

The Bolong, Siksakubur, Dead Vertical, Kubur Masal

Bumi Berputar, Teleriax, Black13, Koil, Straight On View, Core Meddle, GunxRose, One Voice, Tersanjung13, Romantical Tragis, Screwface, Fall, Ovi, My Seven Years, Indonesian Flag, The Sabotage, Day of Atonement, Rage Generation Brothers, Naked Truth, Dream Angel, Gagab Rimang, Anarchy Terror Crew, The Nonsense, Jagal, All Virgin Hated, Diabolical, Gamelanoink, Pulverizer, MAB, Killharmonic, Endless Love, Foxy Roxy, HumanxRight

Phew! I hope I didn't missed any name from the bio. Seriously, this is one of my fave zine in term of space usage. Very packed! Hope I will not have to wear spectacles after this. I missed few issues after #2. Actually this is the second issue I bought. Not much difference compare with the previous issue I read. The layout, the humour, everything is almost the same except this issue is pro-printed! Now beside the usual intie/bio @ text material, I can also enjoy watching babes in bikini hehe. Beside all that, there are few articles and a gig report "Napalm Death Tour 2007". And you will also get a free sticker with this issue.

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