Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Brutallica #13 (2008)

60 pg, pro-print, English

Venificum, Sinoath, Carved In Stone, Satariel, KD Basses (Bass guitar manufacturer), Kult, Gospel Of The Horn, Satanochio, Cerebral Turbulency, Battlegod Productions, Warface, For Ruin, Spearhead, Exumer, Blood Duster, Saxorior, Devilish Impressions, Deicide

Good to know Chavdar still release Brutallica Magazine to the metal masses! Not much to complain, already 13th issue so you can get a good read. Layout-wise, some got large font size, well, not the average size I used to read but not a big problem. Some interview dont have any intro maybe want to save some space. Most interesting interview is with Battlegod Prod (not so shy to share his business tip). Not many reviews here. Chavdar said they received 600+ promo, of course impossible to review them all so he choose those who are related to Brutallica (eg. those who advertise with them). And ofcourse, free CD sampler with every issue. Check out their web for some info on Brutallica Records and Print Brutallica.

Brutallica Records,
Parlichev Str.,
Block 1, Apt. 1,
5800 Pleven,



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