Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Sangwitok #6 (2008)

100 pages, A5, xerox, English

Hayagriva, Heaven's Inversion, Infernal Rites, Diman, Teurgia, Stench Of Virginity, Dedengkot, Helheim, Crucifier, Uxorius Tyrant, Morggorm, Kampfar, Dictator, Sanguineous, Blasphemous

Scene Report

Some might not like "computer layout" for a xerox zine but the layout here are quite good. I wish the zerox quality are better than this. Some pages got page number and no table of content. Zine as thick as 100 pages must have one. The content are mostly in English but there are interviews in Malay. Reviews are plenty and they are not separated to specific section. Some pages are filled with flyers and flyers are also used to fill up space. Also displayed some artwork from Po'G, Fadzlee Lufie, Nurhidaya (sounds like a girl's name. wow, female artist? that's rare!), Kaz & shahjehanbanjabar (also responsible for the logo for this zine). I also like the background or artwork of naked chics on the same of pages hehe (text are also spaced just to show the tits. Ed, you are sick hehe). The zine starts with "Info metal", 7 pages of metal news. The font are small, lots of news to read but I prefer reading those related with underground bands since its hard to get their news in the internet. Also a page called F.A.Q where readers ask questions to the editor to answer. Some questions are quite stupid, probably sent by those with IQ of 5 years old. A column called "Diskusi Metalik" (or Metallic Discussion in English). Cool, for this issue bands are asked about how artwork influence them. The rarest thing is he review his own zine! And that you dont see a lot. This is already the 6th issue and I must say he's a seasoned editor and know how to do a zine with a good content.



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