Thursday, July 9, 2009

Thrash Attack #4 (2007)

52 pages, A5, xerox, cut n paste

Flagelator, Hirax, Sodomizer, Bloodfeast

My first introduction to this zine. I got this by trade. Then I bought issue 6 to issue 2. Only 4 interviews but with only four interviews, the editor put on a table of content. Good, that's how I my zine to be. A bit organized I would say. Wonder how 4 interviews + some reviews on audio stuff and zine takes 52 page? Well, HIRAX interview contributed by Laszlo consist of 11 pages (82 questions if I count it right!), damn long and informative interview I ever read in a small publication like this! Reviews are separated to several parts and also there's a 'concert preview', promoting Metal Forces Night. And yes, also some gig reviews (Possessed by Thrash, Keep It True, etc). Beside all this the zine have a "German Thrashers" section, promoting new German thrash bands with short (5 questions) interviews. For this issue Flo featured INFERNAL DEATH, EINSATZ KOMMANDO & WITCHING HOUR.

I think there's not many zine dedicated to one specific genre. Mostly will cover death and black metal or anything that is called "metal". Quite cool concept especially when you like thrash like me. Support!

c/o Florian Grill,
Ganghoferstrasse 10G
83043 Bad Aibling



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