Thursday, August 6, 2009

Thrash Attack #7 (2009)

72 pages, A5, xerox, English
Bastardator, Power From Hell, Hellhound, Ketzer, Kobra, Warhammer, Nasty Savage

Gig Review
Magic Circle Festival (ticket price Euro88!), US Report, Outrage gig, Thrash 'Em Down 5, Way Of Darkness 3 Festival, Thrash Assault 3, Possessed By Thrash 3, Keep It True XI, Return of Pure Filth and Mayhem (Witching Hour, Ketzer, Nuclear Warfare, Blizzard), Mosh Attack, Blackthrash and Bestial Lust.

Releasing 6 issues in 3 years time (2006 - 2009), seems like making a zine is an easy thing. Maybe that's not true but Flo do make it to look that way. This time around the number of pages have increased. BUT only 7 interviews? Hah, dont let the numbers turn you down. The interviews are quite long and informative. Example, Hellhound have like 40 questions running on 8 pages or so. Beside that there's more to read beside the interviews. As you noticed, more "Live Attack" (that is what gig review section is called). This issue still have the same ingredient like the previous issues. I dont want to talk about that anymore, please read my other reviews to understand this zine better. There's also a US Report, which is like Flo's diary on the visit to US and the gig he attended there. The improvement for this issue is the genre of stuff reviewed are written after the title of that stuff. Good way to skip the type of music that you dont like. By putting the genre, you are guessing not just thrash being reviewed, right? Yes, it feature non-thrash metal too in the review. He got a good reason for doing that. Will the next issue be more than just thrash? I hope not. I just prefer the way it is now. Get a copy now before the new issue is out!

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