Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Grrrl:Rebel #3 (2001)

A5, 78 pages, xerox, English

Gofukuya, Civet, Synthesis Zine, Hello Luca, Dzap Dau Dau

Scene report
Germany, Rochester (NY)

Looks Who's Being Exploited, Fagphobia Analysis, Not Punk Enough, Can A Grrrl Change The World?, Beauty Princess, Diary Of A Punk Rock Grrrl #2, Fashion Statement, This is Hardcore.

Punk Chic N Riot Slutz Ep. 3

This is my first Grrrl zine. I'm trying to broaden my knowledge on the music scene and this is a start. I read some punk and HC zine before, they all like to write articles (there are more articles in the "Column Section" beside the one listed above), which we don't see a lot in the metal scene. I can't say I like what I read but its good to read something different once a while and try to understand those from the scene others than metal. They also review audio stuff and zine. This issue is old but they still sell it and I bought together with their newer issues. The printing and xerox quality is bad especially on the pictures but the have vastly improved in their next issues. Other section in this zine is "I Hate Mails" (fan mail section), "Humour Me" and the informative "Queens of Noise Part 2".

c/o Rizal
23 Jalan Bakti, Off Jalan Kamaruddin,
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