Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Panzerfaust #4 (2005)

56 pages, A4, xerox, English

Godus, 9th Plague, Blacklodge, Misericordia, Crucifier, Must Missa, Bloody Sign, Hatework, Death Squadron, Triswood, Necrovation, Evocation, Paganizer, Nocturnal Vomit, Ancient Rites, Calvarium, Bloodthirst, Delirium Tremens, Bestial Raids, Strandhogg, Masse Mord, Mordhell, Aguynguerran, Atomizer

This is a very old issue which I got by trade in year 2009. Very out-dated issue you will say but I think it's OK to give some promo here. This is the first issue made in English. Layout-wise, neatly done probably using some desktop publishing software. But there are some interview which I think the arrangement of the text and logo a bit messy or causing confusion. There's an article, criticizing Turbosperminator (where this Turbo.. criticize and laugh at black metal). And also talks on American BM elite, bootlegs, (un)black metal @ christian metal. Comparing his English with other English zine I read from Poland, Panzerfaust is way better. Will be great to see their latest issue, if they are still alive.

c/o Marcin Olczak
Wyszynskiego 1/35,
86-105 Swiecie 5,


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  1. Thanks for review of my old fanzine! Cool you liked it. There was also the 5th issue released, 6th one ended up unreleased due to many reasons. Nowadays I resurrected the fanzine in digital format, as a blog, which you can fine here
    Check it out, it's not just reviews, but some sort of presentation of my LP/CD collection, some scans of the old zine (5th one already available scanned without reviews yet). Check it out!