Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Ranjau Metal #2 (2008)

A4, 46 pages, xerox, Malay

Bestial Raids, Gayang Kulintangan Revolt, Pyron, Deadhead Zine, Inside, Morggorm, Devastator, Atavism, Sculptured, Dosa, Antacid, North Poem Records, Farasu

I finished reading this zine is less than 1 hour. Not much to be read here. 46 pages but the fonts are huge. I can write lots of things that I don't like here but I not going to that. All I can say is this zine need lot of improvement for the next issue. Although this "improvement" is a subjective matter (what I think is good, others might not) but I'm sure at least most people would like to see a better layout (if they are using computer) or good xerox quality (what a waste of ANTACID poster!). I read a lengthy review in SANGWITOK so I hope the editor will take note of that. Not many Malay zine nowadays (that I know of) so don't get dishearten with these comments. Fauzi of VIRUS Zine is been helping this dude on some parts in this zine though so maybe we can see some good issue in the future.

c/o Azahar bin Asmunik,
No. 117 Felda Sungai Koyan 1,
27650 Raub,

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