Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Arus Bawah #2

32 page, A5, xerox, Indonesia, no page number, no table of content

Ritual Orchestra, Devadata, Prilayanning Jagad, Slowdeath, Brutal Torture, Belphegore, Nicronomodz

The Game Over, Suicide Family, Cremated, Tiara Lestari, Navicula, Belphegore, Malawitowong, Licked Torment, Silver Chair, The Obbelix, Deathor, Rest In Peace, Medusa, Sexual Sickness, Kubur Masal, Disphercy, Saka Qlawn, Liang Lahat, Brutality Syndrome, Diabolical, Monotheism, Death Vomit, Seek Six Sick, Emergency, Pulasara, Mizerota, People of Shit, Holygore, Injector, Banxkai Anjinx, Anus Coitus.

I'm exhausted in typing all those band names. It's a lot for a small size zine. The zine features metal and punk bands mostly from Indonesia. The font are small and everything are very well arranged not to waste any space. If there is space, they put some pictures of sexy girl (no nudity though) with funny quote, which is one of the factors I like this small xeroxed publication. Oh, forgot to tell you, their called their selves as "The Lunatic Funzine". You should know what to expect with that kind of slogan. There's a picture of NOFX saying, "if you don't give pictures along with your bio, we'll use the pictures we think appropriate" (I think. well, my translation is not that good hehe). By saying that, bio with no band picture and logo, they put picture of a girl in bikini hehe. That doesn't mean they are not serious (you can see that from their interview) but they put some funny quotes here and there which is quite hilarious. I know this concept does not blend well with some metalheads but nevertheless it is still a good read for those who are open minded. Only problem is, it is written in Indonesia language and some words I couldn't understand the meaning. There are also review on audio and movie but the reviews are too short.

No Label Records,
Dharmahusada 30,
Surabaya 60285,


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