Saturday, September 3, 2011

Spawn Rebirth #6

Spawn Rebirth #6
120pg, A5, xerox, Czech

Crusher, Houwitser, Feeble Minded, Lividity, Unblemished Zine, Pandemia, Ahumado Granujo, Testament, Godless Truth, Prophecy, Scabbard, Cannible Corpse, Sepsism, Katharsis, Severe Torture, Scenery, Damnable, Krabathor, Erytrosy, Sarcom

A foreign language zine that I bought in bulk from Ebay. Very thick zine and this is first time I saw this kind of paper binding type. The pages are numbered and have table of content. Neat MS Word layout with that standard frame. The zine starts with gig report. The interviews and reviews are very long. Looks like an interesting read. Reviews are rated, the editor even make a table (summary) with points of the stuff being reviewed. Some with cover and some with logo but there are no zine review. I saw some articles and some filler like flyers and drawings from the medieval age. This issue also featured a very long 'Obscene Extreme Festival'.

c/o Milan "Sotous" Duchacek
Na Krecku 345
109 00 Praha 15
Czech Republic


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