Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Legion Of Torture #1 (2009)

Legion Of Torture #1 (2009)
40 pg, A5, xerox, English

Infernal Conjuration, Evil Damn, Pathogen, Lantern, Recrucify, Necrofucker

Incisor, Bastardator, Non Serviam, Goat Tyrant, Afflictis Lentare

I'm reading this zine backward. I mean I started with issue #2 (latest issue) first. I noticed the changes of size from A5 to A4 for the new issue which a good. I also noticed the editor, JC, already made his own trademark since the debut issue, that 'rrroooarrrgggg' word without the 'h' at the end of the word, which he keep on writing on every interviews and some reviews. Different name used for some column such as "Necronometal" for the zine review. Reviews are not rated. No page number and no table of content. Small fonts, 1 column per page, simple hand-drawn frame art. Spaces are very well used so again the size of this zine will be more than 40 if made the normal way. Some pages are full of flyers. Good questions being asked, considering this is a debut issue. The xerox quality is just OK. The best of this issue is the review of the first Iron Maiden concert in Peru. I really like the reviews which describe the atmosphere of the gig, etc beside the usual report on band's performance on stage. JC even interviewed the first person to enter the venue. Now I know, you have to be fit if you want to enter such big concert if you want to get a good spot. You need to run for it! Although only 6 questions asked but they are very long one. Mine hand-numbered #66/80.

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