Friday, September 9, 2011

Api #3 (2005)

Api #3 (2005)
52 pg, A5, xerox, English

Toxicdeath, Bullet, Throneum, Antacid, Godus, Nocturnal V, Estuary, Volcano, Desaster, A Good Day For Killing, Witchburner, Atomizer, Hatework, Vacarme

Headlight, Deceiver

I got this zine by trade with Domain Zine's editor, Syaiful. Well-done issue. I heard there are few types of front cover available. Cut n paste style with frame artwork, small font size (more to read) and excellent zerox quality. No complaint on the layout although there is no page number and no table of content. Reviews not in alphabetical order and not rated. All audio format combined in one section with the front covers although it look small but due to excellent xerox quality you can still see some details on those tiny covers. From the editorial, the editor mentioned that this issue was made for A4 size but later changed to A5. Not sure whether that's a good decision or not but nowdays A5 is the preferred size but I think its not a good size. I'm not sure how many issues have been released after this. Mine are hand-numbered #167.

c/o Rosmalie Ahmad


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