Saturday, September 3, 2011

Morbid Tales #4 (2006)

Morbid Tales #4 (2006)
64 pg, A5, xerox, English

Panoptikon Zine, Snakepit, Metal Crypt, Devilment, Exciter, Countess, Wino (ex- St.Vitus, The Obessesed, The Hidden Hand), Disflesh, Vulcain, Sodom, Reverend Bizarre

A news section has been added called 'Morbid News' and also zine review section (webzine being reviewed too). Reviews by Annick are in the same style (not rated, hand-drawn logo and not as detailed as #3). The last 2 pages don’t have any title on them but I think its BMJ's reviews. These reviews are with smaller fonts this time but still the reviews are short and they are all cramped into 2 pages including the front cover. Lots of old stuff here included some from 1986. Lots of gig being reviewed (total 5 gig reports). Interviews by Satannick black text on white background while BMJ white on black background. Satannick's is much more in-depth. BMJ's interviews are a bit hard to read due to small font size (smaller than #3).

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