Monday, September 5, 2011

Necrosick #2 (2000)

Necrosick #2 (2000)
50 pg, A4, xerox, English

Soils Of Fate, Bloody Gore, Gorerotted, Unborn, Obliteration, Excarnated, Atavism, Sepsism, Pathology Stench, Encabulos, Cock And Ball Torture, Malignancy, Intense Human Rage

Dede Suhita is talented artist. Lots of sick artwork all over the zine and that is the selling point for this issue. The interviews are quite average though. It will be better if more in-depth interviews especially with Indonesian bands. Some questions need some imagination to get a good answer but some bands fail in answering them. I don’t understand why didn't they use frame artwork (since the editor is good in art!) instead of doing a basic/simple MS Word layout. There are some flyers as filler and some are not arrange nicely. Reviews available too and they are short and not rated. This is an old zine. Not sure whether the editors, Budi & Dede still making it since I couldn't find any info in the internet. However I found Dede's facebook. Contact them there if you are interested.


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