Saturday, September 3, 2011

Morbid Tales #3 (2005)

Morbid Tales #3 (2005)
60 pg, A5, xerox, English

Apokalyptic Raids, Sacrifice, Onslaught, Slaughter, Mars (metal shop in Montreal)

The zine is getting bigger (thicker), just like butt on the back cover. Font sized reduced and interviews are longer so there are more to read. BMJ font size increased a bit which is good for the eyes of the readers. A very long Sabbat live report and Sacrifice interview (phone interview) with Gus Pyann. No more hand-drawn band logo for the gig reports like you can see from the previous issues. There are more review of Canadian bands which is great and  the track by track review by Satannick is a good read. Some lines on top of the page are missing just like the debut issue. Also adding to the thickness for this issue is Alberta Metal Scene report made by Witching Black Records. Releasing 3 issues a year is quite an achievement for me although in cut n paste style you tend to waste space.

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