Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Legion Of Torture #2 (2010)

Legion Of Torture #2 (2010)
32 pg, A4, xerox, English

Non Serviam, Insacred, Bestial Rape, Goat Tyrant, R.I.P, Demoniac Slaughter, *Demona, *Morbid Tales Zine, Warlock Voice, Slaughter Messiah, Persecutor, Anarkhon, *Circle Of Destruction Zine

Looks like a thin zine but to due reduced font size (at a readable size ofcourse) and no space waste with nicely done computer layout, there are a lot to read in this 'Nearer The Death' Chapter. Probably double the size if using the normal size font. There are also cut n paste style but not in a chaotic arrangement. The zine is mostly in 2 or 3 columns per page while gig report is one straight line (very long line since the font is small which I don’t really like this style). Postage is the reason for making this issue as thin as they can but at the same time also giving a lot of stuff to read. It took quite some time to finish reading this issue. Good xerox quality. Full version of Slaughter Messiah will be a good read. The pages are numbered but no table of content.  On the last page the are some info on zines. The editor is also good in 'playing' with words. You can see that from the title of every column. "Live Torture" is gig reports section. Some 6 gigs being reviewed with good to read stories happening during the event. And also the reviews, "Die By Legion Of Torture" (audio review), "Metal Meleficarum (The Scrolls Of Torture & Death)" (zine review). These reviews are not in alphabetical order and not rated. There's also "Tortures From Old East", a reviews of old Eastern Europe metal by Holger Fleck from Germany. If you wondering what are those asterisk marks on the interviews above, they are from a section called "Ladies of The Underground". No need for me to elaborate that because I know what that means. The zine might be costly to order I think. Mine hand-numbered 29/100. By the time of this review, I still have few copies for trade. Contact me if interested. The rest you can contact JC, the editor.


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