Saturday, September 3, 2011

Morbid Tales #2 (2005)

Morbid Tales #2 (2005)
48 pg, A5, xerox, English

Anvil, Tinieblas, Witches Hammer, Toxic Holocaust, Watain, Cloven Hoof, Rammer

Now I realized there's another person beside Satannick in this zine; Black Metal Joe @ BMJ. I blamed this to lost text (text near the edge of the paper looks like being cut, probably printing/photocopying error) and no proper introduction. In the review section where I mentioned 'no name for this section' in issue #1 is actually the works of BMJ. I thought it was an old-school tribute page. Some improvement that can be seen here is better printing and photocopying quality. Pictures are clearer than before. The pages are numbered but no table of content. Still in cut n paste style. In Toxic Holocaust interview the text were cut 'line by line'. Lot of time spent there but the interview are quite boring to read. Questions for Tinieblas are short too but they manage to answer it interestingly. Also it is quite interesting to mention here Gezol contributed 1 question for the Anvil interview. Satannick & BMJ have their own review section but they both reviewed Cutthroat 'Anal Elec...' with different opinion. Like the first issue, on Satannick reviews the band's name & title are hand-written/drawn. Some are kinder garden-like drawing. Lastly not to forget, for the shop review section, 'Montreal Record Shop review', reviews the shops in Montreal for this issue. It can be outdated if reading it by the time this review is up.

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