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Chaos #14 (2008)

Chaos #14 (2008)
80pg, A4, pro-print, English

Asphyx, The Black Dahlia Murder, Evocation, Profundi, This Ending, Gorefest, Detonation, Demonical/Centinex, Deathvokation, Suffocation, Lay Down Rotten, Nominon, Haemorrhage, Death Breath, Eroded, Dead Congregation

I already sold my copy of #13 and now I couldn't find a distro that have a copy to sell. Instead of waiting further (I think its nice to review stuff in chronological order), let just go to the next issue that I have. As I already told you, #13 is my first issue of this great magazine. Believe, when you read #12 and look at #13, there are huge improvement in the layout department. If I remember it right, the text of Amon Amarth interview are designed/layout that it will look like a Viking ship.

It took 2 years for #14 (entitled "Beyond The Grave") to be be released and the result is not disappointing at all. Really heavy stuff here, a lot to be read. Issue #14 still continue the same style of its previous issue. The layout is computerized but not the usual kind of layout. And to have the text on black background is of course, great for me.

I read some review about the newer issues of Chaos regarding the layout which is too unconventional (you have to flip the magazine on some interviews) but that is not a big problem for me. I think its creative and certainly not 'chaotic' as some might said.

The 'reading material' is interesting as always. Not much to comment here. Interviews are nicely done and really in-depth sometimes. The reviews also follow the same style which is separated to its genre and yes, "Hail to Sweden" is also available.

One changes that I noticed is Joe Black (the editor), change the name of this 'song-guessing game' (like Terrorizer's "Hard of Hearing", a song is being played and people guess from which album/band the song is from) from Goteborg Deathmix to Stockholm Deathmix. I think you can guess, this time the game focus more on bands from Stockholm. The 'celebrities' involved are from Dismember, Unleashed, Grave & Entombed.

And not to forget, a free CD sampler although I think this is not important.

Probably the last copies might be available for sale.

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