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Chaos #15 (2009)

Chaos #15 (2009)
80pg, A4, pro-print, English

Amon Amarth, Exmortem, Behemoth, Seance, Book of Black Earth, The Ugly, Vader, Pulverised Records, Evocation, Vacant Coffin, Hate Eternal, Unanimated, Sinister, Resurrection, Rogga Johansson, The Crown, Machetazo, Darkness By Oath

The fact I didn't mention earlier is I bought #14 together with #15, to save money on postage even though I already bought #14 before (strangely, its not hard for me to re-sell this mag). The first thing I did when I got the package is I looked at the front cover (nice artwork!) and notice tombstone with band's name on it. One of it is for Chaos magazine and engraved on the surface "Here Lies Chaos...". I said to myself, "will this be the final issue?".

After reading the editorial, it seems this might be the final issue. Although Joe Black will not retire totally because he still run Joe Black Records.

There’s not much to say about this issue. I already said a lot in my previous reviews. It keeps all the tradition they introduce since #13. So we will have another fine issue.

There are also too many reviews this time (the mag also have some writers). A good thing having some writer is they can review the stuff fairly according to their music style that they know more. Probably if Joe Black reviews the Dark stuff, they will sure get very low points. Anyway, since they separated the reviews according to the music style, I choose to skip the genre I don't like.

The highlight for me is the interview with Pulverized Records. I really wanted to know more about this label from Singapore. They have released Amon Amarth's 1st (mini) CD and that is some kind of history in the modern metal scene (especially when speaking about Amon Amarth and their viking thingy).

Given free this time is a card game. I, as a true black metaller (heheh), find this game quite funny. Some people might find this as ridiculous.

Oh yeah, when you see Rogga in the list, you'll know it will cover his bands. That means you can read about Paganizer, Ribspreader, Carve, Demiurg, Putrevore, Bone Gnawer. So many pages are dedicated to this talented madman.


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