Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Thrash Attack #8 (2010)

Thrash Attack #8 (2010)
88 pg, A5, xerox, English

Witchtrap, Harbinger, Commando Nuclear, The Force, Division Speed, Necronomicon Beast, Revenge, Savage Grace

Layout-wise and almost everything is like the previous issue (go read my reviews of their old issues if you haven't).

Audio reviews are separated into few parts in the zine (between the interview) but zine review have its own section although the quantity of the review is not that many compared with the previous issues.

The reviews accompanied with their front cover but the xerox quality is too dark. So putting the front cover is not useful. On some of the pages, lower part of the page can't be read probably truncated due to xeroxing. Those are the negative points of this issue.

One thing that I like is the gig reviews @ "Live Attack". There are a lot here and it is written like diary. Enjoy reading that.

And lastly, a page promoting his label, Dying Victims Production that already release some tapes but unfortunately most of it already sold out.

In this issue also start adding non-thrash bands. The editor, even considering changing the name the name of the zine and ask the opinion of the readers.

If you want to contact the zine or the label, take note of the new email address. Flo also changed his mailing address so please ask the new address before sending anything.

thrashingvictims @ gmail . com

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