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Rites Of Zygadena #1 (2009)

Rites of Zygadena #1 (2009)
16 pg, A4, pro-print, English

Stillborn, Magnus, Mythological Cold Towers, Infernal Execrator, Throneum

There was time when I 'wander' in Myspace searching for zines as well to get as much 'friend' (that sound trendy but I don’t have time for that know). I'm glad I got in touch with the editor, name himself as Kreator, but I waited until issue #2 released. And I'm lucky issue #1 is still available.

This is no ordinary debut issue or the editor is some newbie. Let me copy the words from his 'flyers': "Die Hard Metal Fucker for over two decades!!!! And that's the way I'm gonna die!!!! Once a drummer of AMAZEROTH (Death/Doom Metal - Poland). Once an Editor of ELIGOR'zine and SILENT TEARS'zine (6 issues spawned between 1992 and 1999). Now after over 10 years break in my editorial activity I'm coming back with new underground magazine - RITES OF ZYGADENA!!!!".

Not much to add, experienced editor do know how to ask good questions and kept you reading from start till the end (Magnus is very long interview). The same goes to the layout. Computerized layout which look like a pro-magazine (although no page number & table of content). Glossy cover, very good B&W printing (I saw laser zerox give the same result like this though).

Except for the small fonts (not many will use this kind of size) which is unusual. If not for the small fonts, the size for this issue can be double or triple. I'm not used with this kind of size but still readable, at least for me. That Absu review is the smallest I've seen a in zine.

Reviews are rated and not separated to specific section/format. Stuffs reviewed are current releases and also some old LPs.

This is a free zine. You just pay for postage. I remember in the 90's there are zines giving his zine for free including the postage but doing that in this millennium, you have to be very rich. Postage killz these days.

Given free is bootleg-CDR. As I ordered 2 issues (including the new issue) and I have mixed up the CDRs. So I'm not sure which one belongs to which issue. But I like the one with SADNESS demo. I only heard a track from this band in some compilation tape in 90's. Now having the chance to listen to whole demo is like 'walking down the memory lane' ehehe.

Other than that are some gig report & pictures of tombstone by Kreator. There are some typo error which is forgivable hehe.

I saw in Nov. 2010, all issues is available in HHR’s mail-order. Add in a copy of this zine when you are shopping at HHR.

P.O.Box 1364
Yorktown Heights
NY 10598

ritesofzygadena @ gmail . com


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