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Hellthrashing #3 (2009)

Hellthrashing #3 (2009)
52 pg, A4, pro-printed, English

Schizo, Hellish Crossfire, Future Tense, Pyoveli, The Wizard, Warth, Infernum Serpest, Self Desecrator (artwork artist), The Ana Frank Pimps, Procession, Force of Darkness, Hades Archer, Atomic Aggressor, The Krushers, Retaliador, Assaulter, Attacker Bloody Axe, Battalion, Ruins, Bathory (originally published in Morbid Mag. 1989), Antichrist, Baphomet's Blood, Medieval, Nocturnal, Hour of 13

A Brief History of Chilean Witchcraft
Tape Trading vs MP3
Darkside of The Universe (no title actually, I just took the name of the seminar mentioned in the article)
Old, Rotten, Buried Chilean Scene
Blood UK Report

The new issue and in full zine form! A good format change. It keeps the tradition of their previous issues which is cut n paste and, ofcourse "The one and only fanzine that doesn't waste space on a cover". The zine starts and ends with interviews. Original concept heh? Pages are numbered and have table of content too. To be honest, I didn't expect this at first but 52 pages thick need TOC to keep it organized.

One thing I found missing is the contest (go read my older reviews). Not missing is using so many small pictures on the background. That really takes a lot of time to do that. I hope no fingers are injured in the process. The result is great, especially on the Chile scene report.

Some humors are there, as usual. Photos of Spice Girls and Margaret Thatcher on UK scene report are among the highlight. On Retaliador & The Krushers’s interviews, you need to flip the zine to read it. Not sure whether that is part of the humor but I think some might get pissed off with this.

Some interviews are short and some are old interviews taken from editor's old zine, Warzone. Quite numbers of bands are from Chile, so you can get familiar with the present Chilean scene.

Reviews cover all formats and combined in one section. 8 pages are used for this and the reviews are not rated. Reviews are short sometimes whether the stuff is good or bad.

My copy is hand numbered #158 but I'm not sure how many is being printed. I bought this in early 2010; hopefully some copies might be available for sale. The postage really kills!

The old address might not be valid now so please email them first.

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