Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Eternity #19 (2001)

Eternity #19 (2001)
76 pg, A5, pro-print, German

Ancient Rites, Sceptic, CSSO, Melechesh, Legacy, Katatonia, Alastis, Logar's Diary, Obligatorisk Tortyr, Forgotten Silence, Comma, Mangled, Circle of Grief, Anata, Trauma, The Awakening, No Return, Rebellion, Deranged, Enter My Silence, Mirror of Deception

This is the last issue that I have in my collection. Not sure whether I will get their newer issues (probably I will when I understand German). I think having 4 issues as introduction of this good magazine is enough for me.

I noticed there's a section called "Crossfire" (featured in last issue too). Not sure how that's work but I saw some reviews there.

Check out the web. They put a lot of stuff there.

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