Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Eternity #10 (1999)

Eternity #10 (1999)
76 pg, A5, pro-print, German

Inner Grostesque, Satariel, Obscure Disaster, Blazing Eternity, Nile, Trail of Tears, Solar Spine, Vanitas, Evoke, Dying Fetus, Gone Sadness, Vintersorg, Forgotten Silence, The Crown, Mangled

I managed to get some issues of this magazine. Curious to know how this zine/mag looks like, so I bid in Ebay (my first ever bidding for this kind) and won. I suspected this mag is in German because the seller write to me in German (I didn't make any research about this magazine before and no info mentioned it's written in German). How true it was. A small sized magazine written all in German. I don't understand anything but I can always learn a thing a two.

I'm amazed at the layout. Unlike Grrrl Rebel (DIY zine, review elsewhere), this is pro-printed desktop publishing layout. Small in size but able to make few columns per page and still look very nice (like looking at normal magazine, except this one is small). And I have to compromise the picture size, some are really tiny. I'm sure many people will not like this.

And yes, CD sampler available too. All info you need about the songs/releases available on page 4 including the front covers.

About the content, some that I noticed are reviews; "Hard Stuff" (demo reviews, no front cover artwork and not rated), fanzine reviews (they are made in the layout that looks like newspaper. Very original concept. Other reviews are rated and some are placed in between interviews (as space filler) besides gathering them in on section called "Im Plattenladen".

Thank goodness we have Google translator! I type some words and I got to know there's also a book review in a section called "Die b├╝cherecke". And I got to know some other words too. Hail Google!

Other 'ingredients' are letters from readers, gig report, etc like other normal magazine will have. Special for this issue is probably "Dekade der Ewigkeit", celebrating 10 years of Eternity mag.

Looks like a good magazine especially when they featured some unknown bands.

I got 3 more issues (but not in chronological order) and those reviews will probably be the shortest I made.


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