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Dark Legend #2 (2007)

Dark Legend #2 (2007)
100 pg, A4, xerox, English

Vivianne Crowley, Maxine sanders, Draegon Undomiel, Mayhem, Olivia Durdin Robertson, Doreen Valiente, Burzum, Explicit, Equinox

The Good Old Hard Rock Sungai Segget Days, Dark Legend Arts Promotion, A Tribute and Salutation to Barchiel of As-Sahar, Tribute to Euronymous, The Church of Satan, Mastic@ and The Christians Evil

Looking at my journal, this is one of my earliest reviews that I made in 2008 and very long one too. Because it is too long, I skip it and choose to write on newer zine. I also dont like reading my own handwriting haha. Now I pity my school teachers, having to read my awful handwriting. Only now I had the strength to read and type them here.

This is not the usual reading like other metal zine. First, you see weird names in the interview list, right? They are not from any bands but personal from various groups practising wicca, occultism, witchcraft and paganism. Secondly, Reymond (the editor) wrote or elaborate certain thing in the between the interview so you will know some info about the issue discussed and also you know there are so much hatred towards Mastika (more about this later).

One of the highlight for me are the letters Reymond to Euronymous (before his death ofcourse!) which is presented there although he compiled it in form or "question & answer" like a normal interview. He also elaborate Euronymous's view on satanism which is quite enlightening. Equinox is not interview but Darkness letter to Reymond. Another highlight is the Burzum interview with Varg when he was in jail. There are some questions that are not answered by Varg, I wonder why?

Layout-wise, ok for the interview (2 column perpage) but the review using 4 columns that is too near with each other make it looks weird. Talking about review, some review are only like 5 lines. Very short but have logo of the band for every review.

Other stuff in this issue: a page each for "Images of Norwegian Black Metal" and "Images of Northern Darkness" (pictures of bands with corpse paint), some funny cartoon, promoting some artwork made by him or other artist (with explanation about the artwork), compilation of questions from other zine and with the answer by Reymond.

If not mistaken, I read in a zine in late 1990's, Reymond said DL will be released only in 5 issues. Like a pentagram that have 5 points. I forgot other details of that interview. If calculate, first issue in 1997, second issue in 2007, the fifth issue will be in 2037. I will be 60 years old haha. Anyway, this is just a humour. Dont take in seriuosly. The 10 year gap is caused by, none other than the "black metal issue"! I dont want to go in detail about that but read on some interesting 'stories' related with this editor.

Mastika (a local magazine) accussed Reymond is starting a branch of Church of Satan in Malaysia, under the teaching from Euronymous and have thousands of followers in Malaysia. Can you believe that? Well, the folks here believe that. Together with writings from Harian Metro (a local tabloid newspaper, said to be the largest Malay-written newspaper), that fuels up the anti-metal movement in Malaysia. I was shocked to see Reymond picture in that magazine (I dont buy Mastika but used to read the sex stories at the newsstand while waiting for my bus). They blurred the face like he's a rapist or some criminal but I've seen that picture before. After that police starts interrogating him. There's a lot of info about this in this zine.

And throughout this issue, you will read his own view and also as protest to media, government in Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia on how they treated metal community.

If you noticed, the back cover is a blank paper. Actually behind it is an artwork by Reymond which quite provoking.

The editor also run a label and involved in some bands.

c/o Reymond
Block 184A,
#05-165 Rivervale Crescent,
Singapore 541184,
Republic of Singapore



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