Friday, December 3, 2010

Burning Churches #6 (2009)

Burning Churches #6 (2009)
32 pg, A4, xerox, English

Baalberith, Occidens, Absu, Ares Kingdom, Exciter, Negura Bunget, Hellward, Arphaxat, Witchtrap, Unleashed, Trench Hell, Zygoatsis

Another new issue. It just look the same like the previous one. Please read my review on the previous issues.

Some quote from the editorial, "Burning Churches is at war with people who think they know how a zine should look..". I assumed he got some comments on his zine which is good that some people care to give some comment.

Commenting on that, until this review is up, I have never informed any of editors (except from Malaysia) that I have reviewed them. Most of them said "fuck webzine" in their zine anyway so I'm afraid hehe.

I never wanted to "teach" editor how a zine should look like. I just trying to describe to zine and my reading experience. Have never asked editor to "change this, do that". Most importantly, I wanted to support the distros (and the editors too) selling the zine as and reading real underground music.

I salute BC for featuring extreme bands from Asia. Hail!

Still no zine review.

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