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Alcohol Generation #1 (2010)

Alcohol Generation #1 (2010)
56 pg, A4, xerox, English

Hereafter, Unholy Sin, Damokis, Voltan, Crown of Horns, Insacred

The last time I read a zine from Sarawak is Kananulark in late 90's (edited by bos of Eastern Voice Prod.). Few years ago I noticed in a forum about a zine called Orema Bakep but dont have the chance to order it. And now after many many years, another zine was born, Alcohol Generation.

The way I discovered this zine is a bit weird for me. Now I have to accept the fact that things are now changing and promotion is also done in Facebook. I dont even get the printed flyers when I got this zine.

This is one of the best first issue release I read this year. This issue featured good showcase of Malaysian metal (from the interviews as well as the reviews) eventhough it didnt cover all genre but this is just the first issue.

Some first issue zine asked quite boring and uninteresting question. But that is not the case here. Interviews are interesting to read. There are also "live" interview that is a shorter than the rest but they added the info that are not asked in the interview in the introduction. Reading the introduction of the interviews will add some historical and geographical knowlegde too because they added these info when elaborating about the band's origin. I think its good for foreigner to learn a bit more about Malaysia beside knowing the bands.

Reviews section cover audio stuff, named "Reviewed, Re-view, reviews!" (EP/Demo and full-lenght are separated) and also zine. Quite detailed with all the info of the releases and including the front cover (except for zine review).

There are some gig report from East and West Malaysia. Brief review on each participating bands and have a picture of them. "Exclusive" review (indepth and a bit detailed) on "Tugau Warmetal Hordes 2010". I enjoy reading this, especially the journey to/from the gig (described by Matt 'like a journey to hell'). I wish they can also review "Borneo Metal Evolution" since they already mention it in this zine as 'worse gig ever'.

Some pin-up poster available. I always think its better to put this on separate paper so people can pull them out and 'crucify' it on the wall without damaging the zine.

There are some article on bands (Unholy Sin & Antacid), while mostly zine will copy directly from the band's bio sheet, Uchu Manang typed in his own words.

About the layout; 2 columns per page and using font size that is a bit large to my liking. Layout fully computerized, no border/frame art but with lots of picture (luckily, this prevent them from looking dull). Xerox quality is good, I just wish the print quality of the mastercopy is better than this. It is also well organized (page numbered & have table of content). They also put small banner/adds on the interview which is not related with the bands interviewed and I found this quite annoying.

Mine are hand-numbered 8 (print run unknown). There is a small box for personal hand-written message to the buyer. Those who want to be the second-hand buyer will have to accept this zine with my name there haha.

Editor also run a label (Evil Institution Records) and involved in some bands (Militant Attack, if I'm not mistaken).

c/o Uchu Manang

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