Friday, December 3, 2010

Burning Churches #3 (2006)

Burning Churches #3 (2006)
28 pg, A4, xerox, English

Ancient Rites, Surrender of Divinity, Arkhon Infautus, Necrophobic, Mantak, Bestial Holocaust, Loits, Infernal Execrator, Infernal Majesty, Unpure

I bought issue 4 to 6 first from 1 mailorder distro (forgot the name). Later I found another distro selling #3 and I bought it too. I waited until I have all issues and then start reading from issue #3. Ofcourse I will get #3 earlier if I know they feature MANTAK (Malaysian band that I respect a lot) in it.

The editor, Seigneur, care to put a table of content (with band's genre and country in it) eventhough the zine is not that thick. Interview questions are around 11 ot 13 only and they are short and easy question. No introduction, just straight to interview. About the layout, 1 column per page or 2 columns and he used are lots of pictures, a good way to balance up the small amount of interviews.

Reviews only cover audio (CD & demo) and DVD and no zine review. They are not rated and not arranged in alphabetical order.

I find it a displeasure (I'm old!) reading on the part where he put picture in the middle of the paragraph because it breaks the line and you can lost track on which line to continue.

Good xerox quality but you can finish reading the whole issue in no time.


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