Friday, December 3, 2010

Burning Churches #4 (2008)

Burning Churches #4 (2008)
32 pg, A4, xerox, English

Kamphar, Nuit Noire, Barbatos, The Meads of Asphodel, Rotting Christ, Church Bizarre, Asmodee, Chainsaw, Balmog, Wrust

Seigneur release another issue after 2 years gap. Not much have changed, looks almost exactly like #3. The layout is the same and so does the questions.

They have this 'tradition' by putting contact address and discography at the end of interview but I wonder why they are not doing it for Wrust (from Botswana!).

More review this time but no zine review. I think the way he made the back cover (with logo of the bands interviewed) is quite cool. Ofcourse the concept used for every front cover of this zine is much much better (sorry, some I have to censored a bit. I dont want to violate Blogger rules).

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