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Meridian 9 #2 (2008)

Meridian 9 #2 (2008)
48, A4, pro-print, English

Dagor Dagorath, Argharus, Deafest, Guthrum, Godslave, Vedonist, Nepente, Caricature

While checking myspace, clicking some band's friend's list to another, I stumbled upon this 'zine's myspace and got attracted by the front cover. So I bought 2 old issues.

Start with the editorial page, you can see pictures of the editor and the writers. The zine consist of G. Owen Wears, Chase Ambler, Heather Smith & Karina Lyn Pulec and with some short info on them. Yes, they have female writers and they will get a different view on certain thing.

Looks like professional magazine; neat layout (simple layout, the same 2 column per page throughout the whole zine) page numbered, have table of content, letters from readers section (interesting to read although the reply is not as fun as (old) Nordic Vision and SOD.)

Interviews are interesting read. Quite surprise to know Deafest is a one man band by Chase Ambler which also writes in this zine.

Review only cover "disc", as said in the introduction. No format mention so I assumed they are all CD. The reviews are arranged in alphabetical order and rated.

Not to forget, there are some concert review. When I said earlier, "female writers...different view", I was referring to some of the concert report. While usually writer wrote about the bands performing on stage, here they wrote their experience they encountered in the gig which quite hillarious for me reading it.

There is a section named "Opinion & Such", which is an article section. This issue, they wrote about "The Death of Optimism" and "Grief of The Soul".

Only one thing, I tried to figure out is the 'motto' of the zine. "A Metal Zine of an Unusual Nature", says the zine. I don't really see anything unusual here. Probably "Opinion & Such" because I normally see punk/HC zine wrote article while metal zine stick strictly to music.

Beside the zine, you'll get a CDR sampler (with the bands featured in the zine) and also a free sticker.



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