Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Evil Assault #1

64 page, A4, xerox, English

Metal Savage, Eternal Devastation, Oppression, Nunslaughter, Witchaven, Infernal Demon Zine, Victimizer, Bloodthirst, Evil Army, Ironfist, Darkness Against Light Zine

They surely proud having their vinyl signed by Tom. You can assumed that after looking at the front cover of this zine. This debut issue is very different compared with other zine that I have read from Siam. The editor English is as good as mine hehe. What we have here is a cut n paste xerox publication with an OK xerox quality. Some pictures are a bit dark though but that is just a matter of personal taste. The interviews can be made better I guess but I think they will improve that in their next issue. For example question about band bio, most band dont like this question though. You can see some band's respond to this question, not really a friendly one. Surely there are other creative way to get it. The zine is thick, due to the large font used here (postage can be saved here). Being a cut n paste format, some more pictures/graphic can be used for the background. The inner front/back cover, have this cool picture collage of Thai (probably) metalheads as well as Gezol performing on stage which you can see some of his testicle haha. No table of content but the page are numbered... in Thai! Nevertheless, its still a good read. I have no doubt, there will be some progression for the next issue. I got this copy from Domain Zine distro. Syaiful might have some copies left (if paypal is your payment mode). For you that want to buy the snail mail way, please contact the editor for address.



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