Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Al Zannahk #1 (2008)

52 pages, A5, xerox

Noiratasya, 13 Winters, Abvulabashy, Battlelore, Mortiferia, Riwayat, Tvangeste, Black Abyss, Dedengkot, The Foetal Mind, Metal Zone Distro, Heidevolks

Spektr, Menosgada, Orna Annon, Avernus, Emancipation, Echidna, Necryptic, Angtoria, Gwyllion, Sol Asunder, Kromlek, Dagoba, Veneficum

Debut issue from this Sil Khannaz maniac! Spell that band's backward, then you have this zine's name and that is how Askwhatra got the name. I my jaw dropped after knowing the logo is crafted by Christhope Szpajdel, and combine with the artwork by Jamil Grinder you get some demonic front cover! The layout is neat, have page number and table of content, computerized style 2 columns per page with background artwork on the pages. The font size is a bit small though and look a bit cramped but the xerox quality is in the best quality ever. Some of the columns they have here; "Dark Hymns of Apocalypse" (music reviews, although the review is short but almost every stuff reviewed accompany by the cover art. that's good!), "Manuscript of Death" (zine review), "Infernal Ceremony" (gig report), some page on news and an article "Black Metal as Art" (no name of the author, probably written by the editor himself). The interviews are OK, no intro on the bands, just straight to the questions . The best is Abvulabashy but some questions did annoy Black Abyss a bit haha. Not that the question is bad but it is rather sensitive for some Malay band. Came together with this issue is a CDR sampler (11 bands, also featured in this zine). True copy of the zine is hand-numbered with red pen but no info on how many copies made for this issue. All in all, this is a good debut issue and worth to support. Some may not like the small fonts but I'm OK with that except for the small picture of the band in the intie. If you get in touch with Askwhat, ask also about his band and label.

c/o Khairul Askwhat,
Rumah Pangsa Sri Pauh,
Lrg Pauh 2, Taman Pauh,
13500 Permatang Pauh,
Penang, Malaysia.



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