Monday, October 12, 2009

Die You Poser #2 (2009)

34 pages, letter, xerox, English

Ancient Horns, Nadiwrath, Pathogen, Riotor, Yawa, Deiphago, Necrovomit, Sacrosant, Diobolical Holocaust, Paganus Doctrina, Retaliate, Sadomator, Temple of Adoration Zine

Another zine, cursed with Sickness666 art on the front cover. "Philippines Anti-Poser Publication" returns with the second issue. I haven't seen the first one, hopefully they have some copies for sale for people like me who missed their debut. About this issue, I wish the xerox quality is as good as the quality of the front cover. The layout, purely made by computer (probably except the last 3 page, just flyers) with 3 columns per page. This is the first time I see this kind of style. The interview starts from column one and once the interview ends (let say ends at half of column three), editor continue with the new interview at that column with only some pictures or band logo (size reduce to fit in 1 column) separating the interviews. Do you get what I mean? If not, buy it haha. No intro on the interviews though and some bands dont have the contact address (well, this might not be a problem with people having internet. Just go to Metal Archives!). Some interviews are quite interesting, especially Pathogen (the Philippines one). I think in all interviews I read so far, this band never fails to give us a good read. Review here are only audio stuff (CD, CDR, tape). Pages are numbered and include table of content as well. After reviewing this zine, I ponder whether I should change the "format" that I use at top of this review. Should I just put it "half size" (for size smaller than A4) and "full size" for A4/'letter' size @ 8"x11" paper. Of yes, you got it right. This is my first letter size zine haha. Maybe the size is a bit thin but you still need to support this one! The front cover artwork is so cool!!!!

c/o Ace Moradante
Ph. 1 Blk 17 Lot 6 Roseville Subd.
8000 Davao City


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