Monday, November 9, 2009

Call To The Infenal Hordes #5 (2009)

82 page, A4, xerox, English

Azaghal, Merciless Death, Enshadowed, Hellish Crossfire, Horna, Grave Desecrator, Suicidal Winds, Riddle Of Meander, Nifelheim, Invocation, Bahimiron, Unholy Force, Death Invoker, Balmog, Force Of Darkness, Syphilitic Vaginas, Exciter, Witchaven, Deiphago, Flagellum Dei, Necrolisis, Facebraker, Thy Rites, Amnion, Hijo de la Aurora, RIP, Evilized, Bestial Holocaust

Very professional looking zine, which put some pro-mag to shame! Although it is a xerox publication, the photocopy quality is excellent. Combine that with the computerized layout, I think most people like me will be impressed. And not to mention the grim looking NIFELHEIM on the front cover! Almost all pages have border art or background art and if the page is on background art, the text are still looking sharp and readable. The layout on the zine reviews is made to look like a cut n paste style and have the front cover the zine as well. There's some Malaysian zine being review here (Sangwitok, Virus). Some info that I know that the previous issues are in Spanish and comes with a free CDr but in this issue, it is written in English and no more CDr sampler (due to $$$ problem). His English is much better than mine haha. That will get your attention and will not be bored to read the interviews from start to end. Beside all this, there's also "Necroview" (review, ofcourse) on music stuff and also "On Stage" (gig reviews). There are some type error, either intended (its not an error if they intended) like the page number is at the top and upside down but they are too small to notice. The editor also run a label (Occult Records) and if not mistaken, also involved in a band. Ask that if you are going to contact them to ask for the next issue. This issue is limited to 250 copies and mine is numbered 111. Might have some copies left. Try your luck!

c/o Gilbert Miranda,
Apdo. Postal 2711,
3000 Heredia,
Costa Rica


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