Thursday, October 8, 2009

From Human To Insane #2 (2009)

60 pages, A5, xerox, English

Hereafter, Mortuary Ancestor, Pathogen, Inside, Hellish, UGH, Sabbatical Rites, Barbalans

Another Sabahan zine to be reckoned with, manned by editor Fauzie and co-editor Firdaus (now ex-editor, also the boss of Evil Dead Prod). 60 pages (no page number but have an 'index' on the editorial page) with less than 10 interviews, I think you wondered how the content is arranged in this zine. Border artwork is a bit large for A5 format but I can't say this is wasting space. The border and plus the font used (similar like an electronic typewriter we used in the old days), the zine look like it was release in mid 90's. OK, maybe FHTI is a bit clean but I really like this layout. Some pages are made into looking like a 'cut and paste' style using computer (background art on the page and 'highlighted' text on top of it). Well done on the content too. The zine written in English except for Inside, UGH and Barbalans (in Malay). Review section looked a bit modern though and they are called "From Fire to Hellfire" (music review) and (if I read it right, the font is not clear...) "Unleash From Fire" (zine review). The front cover is printed using the same material like booklet of Evil Dead's releases like 666 MCD which is nice too. The editor also make some pages with black background and white text but due to not so good xerox quality (or maybe the printing quality?), the text in Mortuary Ancestor interview is a bit hard to read. This is the only small 'problem', else, this is issue is still a must have. Some copies might be available from Evil Dead (that is where I got my copy).

c/o Fauzie
P/S 1265,
89008 Keningau


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