Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Nordic Vision #14 (1998)

60 pages, magazine, English

Immolation, Darkthrone, Godflesh, Dodheimsgard, Infernal, Hades, Cadaver, Deathwitch, Nightmare Lodge

I missed out 2 issues after #11. What a loss! Interviews are interesting as I expected and so does the review. "If this is art, then my telephone is a go-cart". That was the review for Thy Majesty's "German Black Metal Art". That's a good to let people know you dont like the stuff hehe. Some of the interesting part in this issue are; Necropolis Records press statement and 'Declaration Of WAR' (As Blackmoon said "We Are War" is a bootleg, its good to hear the both side of the story but I couldn't make any conclusion. Both said they are "true"); SOUNDCHECK (some black metal "star" giving their points for some releases. Total up the points given by Shagrath, Satyr, Maniac, Frost and Fenriz, Burzum's "Hlidskjalf" if the worst release and When's "Psychedelic Wonderbaum" is the best release of the issue). Well, at first I thought the fan mail section have been removed. After reading further, I found the fan mail section in Sex and Satan (I havent informed you about this 'fan mail section'. As usual the readers give their bad (or good) comments but the reply for the editor are quite funny although the replied do have some sense). Oh, Sex and Satan? Now I'm really relieved this mag didn't go the custom check. If the officer see this, it will be confiscated. In this column the model (the same one you see on the front cover) will posse as to what the reader request (if I understand it right). So here you have Diva Demona possed as 'black widow', etc either nude or semi-nude. I'm sure male readers will rejoice over this but not female as we can see in the fan mail section hehe. Nothing else to add, just another good issue. And this issue already sold out but few copies is available from distro such as Ludah Prod.

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