Tuesday, March 1, 2011

SOD #25

SOD #25
84 pg, fullsize, English

Dimmu Borgir, Lordi, Grimm, All Out War, Pyrexia, Odious Mortem, Downlord, Legion of The Damned, Battlelore, Nox, Dodsferd, Dying Fetus, Reanimator, Onslaught, Forest of Impaled, Dark Messiah, Astarte, Bloodsoaked, Mors Principium Est

Nothing changes in this issue. I now noticed most of the stuff reviewed got lot of skulls (meaning they are good) but this can be probably they omitted the crap one (people say bad publicity is still a publicity). The band that becomes the reason in buying this outdated issue is ANTAEUS which is done by Octavio. The typesetting and layout might look boring considering this is pro-magazine but I like the full page band picture before the interview starts. I managed to get some used copies of ANVIL Magazine, another magazine done by them. Let see whether that magazine offer something different or not.

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