Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Deadbanger #3 (2010)

Deadbanger #3 (2010)
44 pg, A5, pro-printed, English

Nigro Mantia, Pagan Rites, Hideous Invasion, Resistance, Horned Almighty, The Crypt Records, Black Wreath, Killtown Death Fest, Anal Vomit

A very interesting interview made with Nigro Mantia. I hailed the editor for the research made for this band. Very obscure band. They only release 1 demo but the editor managed to make the interview very interesting and informative even though the response is not a satisfactory one from the band (Michael) due to memory lost. There are some reviews of audio stuffs and zine (not arranged in alphabetically and not rated) but of course you know reviews are not the highlight of this zine. Layout is in the same style like previous issue. Latest check before I upload this review, issue #3 is still available and issue #4 should be out this month (April 2011). I suggest you can this issue while it is still available!

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