Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Vampir #14 (2008)

Vampir #14 (2008)
72 page, half size, pro-print, English

Death Heaven, Witchtrap, Dimentianon, Black Sister, Anima Damnata, Strike Master, Embryotomy / Formless Terror, Farscape, Bestial Holocaust

In the previous issue, Darko mention about expecting a baby. In this issue you can see the picture of the baby girl, making sign of the devil! This issue starts with foreword by Hellavenger of Communion (Chile) and editor's call for boycott to webzine & mp3. Right after this it continued with "Vinly Empire". The text is hard to read including some of the reviews but in "Vinly Empire" is even harder due to the font type used. About the interviews, it is just another great chat like #13. Physically and the layout is like #13 (2 or 3 columns per page), page numbered but not table of content. Some changes would be introduction on the before the interviews. Beside reviews, there are some gig reports in the middle of the zine. In "Rip off Alert", the scam in Davao, Philippines have been unearthed but I think by now all should have known about this. Some people like me already become a victim. Just like other editor, Darko also have this "boycott webzine" attitude. Mee too! But the writing does send a chill to my nerve. I'm also a webzine. Probably I'm among the few who writes review of paper zine. Anyway a new issue already out in 2010.

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