Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Antichrist #9 (2009)

Antichrist #9 (2009)
48 pg, A4, pro-print, English/Russian

Graveyard, Colosseum, Guillotine, KB, Maximum Perversion, Hellhound, Mynd Snare, Agoraphobic Nosebleed, Agathodaimon, Nachtgeschrei, Ordalion, Mortus Est, Planar Evil, Obscure, Witchtrap, Unlight, Zerstorer, Autoeroticasphyxium Zine, Diathra, Wizard

Kunstkamera of Petr Great Horror

Scene Report
Costa Rica

The last issue I got was issue #6 and it was a photocopied/xerox zine. Now they are pro-printed magazine and this is a major improvement. In the editorial page there is some topless girl holding the mag. Nice! Page numbered with TOC. Very neat layout but not in the fancy type like Terrorizer. 3 columns per page and all in black and white (only front cover color printed). English is understandable but not all the content here in English, Ordalion & Mortus Est are in Russian. Reviews cover music (arranged in alphabetical order, rated and mostly have their front cover) with all formats combine in one section and also "Press Review". The editor also run a label which have some Pathogen-enic controversy. The articles available are not really important for me except for "Still Young But Forgotten" which is about band that couldn’t be famous and split in 80's. In this issue he talks about Slaughter Lord.

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