Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Escritas do Subsolo #2 (2009)

Escritas do Subsolo #2 (2009)
48 page, full size, pro-printed, English

The Stone, The Wizard of Doom, Decayed, Graveyard, Vorkuta, Necrogoat Heresy / War Flagellation Productions, Undersave, Vulturine, Deathrow, Verzivatar

Attila The Hunt, H.P. Lovecraft

"Spelling from The Underground"; that's the meaning of the zine's name. Great on the layout and looks very professional except on some part where black text on dark background which made it a bit difficult to read. The questions are good and the answer by the bands made it even more interesting to read. I should add that some questions are really tough, as tough as my SPM exam. The editor really read a lot so some questions deal with history or science, etc. And these questions are 'exclusive', it is not being asked twice to other bands. Surprisingly the black metal bands can also answer it, meaning they are not "brainless panda metal", like some zine are saying. The reviews not rated and only cover audio stuff. They cover really obscure bands, at least for me because some bands I never heard of before or read about them in other zine. Some info about the zine can be found from their web/blog as well as other contact details.


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