Monday, February 14, 2011

Putrefactive Effect #2 (2006)

Putrefactive Effect #2 (2006)
52 pg, A4, xerox, English/French

Nerlich, Hellspirit, Disgust, Valuatir, Necrodeath, Harkonin/Eulogy, Suffering Silence, Underneath, Withdrawn, No Hand Path, Necrotick Flesh, Mortal Decay, Flesh, Abantesma, Hysteria

Excellent xerox quality on thick paper. Pages are numbered ('Putrid 1, Putrid 2' and so on) but no TOC. No waste of space because flyers is used to fill them up and they are nicely arranged. Layout-wise, some cut n paste style but mostly done using computer with some pages used background image. On 1 interview with black text on dark background (is that Diego Maradona?) that is a bit hard to read but good thing is it is in a language I don’t understand. For some reason, Mortal Decay interview are numbered, start with 20 and ends with 1. I thought it was a typo error at first. Most of the content are in English but gig report are in French. Reviews only cover audio stuff and not rated but got detail on year, number of tracks, length and label. Quite an effort there! I bought this zine from some distro. Unfortunately no contact address written in the zine.

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