Monday, February 14, 2011

Ground Voice #2 (2008)

Ground Voice #2 (2008)
16 pg, A5, pro-printed, Indonesian

Suck Our Veins, Santet, Tenggorokan, Godzilla

Jerangkonk, Junkie Sleep, Sexual Sickness, Putrefaction, Bedah Otak, Pernicious, Strong Enough, Qishash, Sekarat, NT, Amatory, Alas Purwo

'Cilacap Deadly Zine' is what I have now, Issue #2 November-December 2008, courtesy of Kayangan Distro. Maybe this is a bimonthly newsletter. Quite surprise this is made in pro-print (and it was sealed in plastic wrap!) although the layout is very simple. The interviews is not really a normal interviews. Bands are asked about 'support local band' and their view on this topic. In the editorial, the editor wrote lengthily about fight against "penguasa yang merosakkan negeri kita dan pengkhianat yang merosakkan scene". A bit political there. There are some articles, some flyers and advertisement. What I found interesting is there is an advertisement from a cigarette company. I wonder whether they are sponsoring this project.

JL. Thamrin No. 6 RT 03/1 Lomanis,
Cilacap 53221 JATENG,

ground.voice @ yahoo . com
sadisticers @ yahoo . com

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