Monday, February 14, 2011

Forgotten Chapel #7

Forgotten Chapel #7
44 page, A4, xerox, English

Thy Funeral, Incest, Unburied, Moder, The Thorn, Legion of Death Records, Necrocultus, Gallileous, Beherit, Narjahanam, Inquested, Dark Vision, Winter, Death Invoker, Versano

My first issue of Forgotten Chapel. This a good example of English-written zine from Poland (if the editor is still living there). I dont quite understand "very (old) Forgotten Chapel Zine,..". Seems like a 'compilation' of his works contributed to other zine. Some interviews are very old and some probably 'cut' directly from the original zine where it was first featured. Some interviews are from old Polish zine translated to English. The way the editor said in the editorial, I assumed the previous issue is not done in cut n paste style? Curious to see the previous issue as this issue is quite good on the layout department. If the intention to make an 'old' zine, they have succeeded. It can be better if they choose the right font type. Addition to the cut n paste style are old flyer from late 80's (for youngster like me, its good to look back on those primitive design). Xerox quality are excellent. My copy are hand-numbered #153.

Mateusz Wieteska,
Ceglowska 27/2,
01809 Warszawa,

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